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Meet. Forage. Eat. Explore.

Come on an immersive food adventure with Forage & Feast.

Forage & Feast is a celebration of food, and our food is a celebration of our people. Behind the local food, home-grown food, wild food and fresh food lie the unique stories of our people. Our mission is to share our local food stories with our guests -be they local or from far away shores.


Our local food stories are rich with flavour, but the characters bring the colour. The local food industry is mindful; one eye on global food issues encourages smart, home-grown practices. Focusing on sustainability, biodiversity and traceable food systems, and producing wholesome, organic, nourishing food is our collective passion.


Forage and Feast is about meeting, foraging, exploring and eating. We bring people together to sample locally grown and produced food and award-winning Central Otago artisanal products.

Telling the food stories

of Central Otago
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Come on a Wanaka food adventure with us

We’d love for you to connect with us, whether you are looking to come on an adventure

or want to partner with us to provide local adventures.

Please drop us a line below. Note tours currently run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and other days by appointment for groups of 6 or more.

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